For all your plumbing needs...

Hello, I'm James Brewer owner of Aquiris Plumbing and Heating, a Bristol based plumbing company established to help with all of your plumbing needs.

I am keen to take on all sorts of plumbing jobs, no matter how small, as I am aware that many other plumbing companies turn down the small, maintenance type work because they wish to focus on the larger bathroom or boiler installations. On numerous occasions my customers have been grateful for my help, informing me that they have not been able to find anyone else as the plumbers they have asked have said they are too busy to help.

I know that although not everyone wants a new bathroom, everyone wants to finally get that cold radiator warm ready for the winter, or to get that dripping tap fixed, or to finally sort out that flush that's wasting water and money as it continually runs into the toilet pan!

I offer a range of services from general plumbing maintenance work to full bathroom installations with tiling, plastering and carpentry.

My attitude is polite and helpful, my prices are competitive and fair, I work to a high standard and I always ensure the customer is happy with the work produced. I also like to keep customers informed so I take care to explain what work needs to be done and, more importantly, why the work needs to be done to enable you understand how your home works and to help with your future home maintenance.

I serve all of Bristol and the surrounding areas. I have also completed work further afield in Chippenham, Bath, Dursley and South Wales. So call me today and I'll be happy to help with all your plumbing needs!!

New shower and basin installed as per customer's instructions - all work, including the tiling, completed by Aquiris Plumbing and Heating.

The customer was really pleased with the new en suite! The room was previously a utility room that was seldom used.

The view of the shiny new granite tiles from the shiny new shower cubicle!

The new toilet and concealed cistern unit, complete with granite top, ready for use.

The new shower valve shining bright on a sea of new white tiles.

The new basin tap, installed and ready for use!

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